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Customer satisfaction surveys are a very popular tool in the present times to gauge the level of quality services offered to customers. Simply put, these surveys help companies and service providers understand just how satisfied their customers are when it comes to the services provided by them.

What Is The Dollar General Store?

The Dollar General Store is an American multi-store, quite like the products and services provided by Walmart. The only difference between the two conglomerates is that Walmart does not operate in rural areas. In contrast, Dollar General Store has started focussing on those regions to reach a wider audience for their products and services.

Survey or Support

What Is Dgcustomerfirst?

Dgcustomerfirst is essentially a customer satisfaction survey that aims to collect data regarding the satisfaction levels of customers when it comes to the services of Dollar General Store. This customer satisfaction survey has been designed comprehensively to understand just how satisfied customers are with the company’s services. Using the survey of Dgcustomerfirst, customers can share their candid views on the Dollar General Store. The company’s officials will collect these opinions and accordingly modify their services as per the feedback of customers.

Dgcustomerfirst.com Sweepstakes Program

The Sweepstakes Program of dgcustomerfirst.com survey that has been organized by all Dollar General Stores across the states is a great opportunity for customers to win rewards in exchange for a simple customer satisfaction survey. The fundamental reason for the initiation of the survey is to gather opinions (pros and cons) regarding the services of the company from all the customers.

It can not be disputed that the Dollar General Store is a fantastic place to purchase daily goods in the United States. The best part about the store is that you can buy all the products at a lower price when compared to other leading multi-stores such as Walmart and Kroger. This is precisely why the officials of Dollar General wish to collect opinions of customers from across the country. This has led to their online portal for customer satisfaction survey called www.dgcustomerfirst.com.

Website Namewww.dgcustomerfirst.com
Is it necessary to purchase something from the Dollar General Store during the survey?No
Type of entry Mail-in entry and online entry
Age limit18 years and more
Prize of surveySweepstakes
Sweepstakes PrizeA Dollar General gift card worth $100
Entry Limit A single entry per entry period per entrant

How Many Total Dollar General Surveys Can A Person Take?

Most people wonder how many surveys an individual can take. The answer is that each person can participate in the survey once a week. The winners of the $100 Dgcustomerfirst gift card will be announced once every week. It is also noteworthy that not just the customers of the Dollar General Store, but also non-customers can participate in this survey easily.

Rules Of The Dollar General Survey

Before you begin with this Dgcustomerfirst survey, it is essential to check out some rules that are essential to take the survey. They are as follows:

  • In order to take the survey Dgcustomerfirst, you must have a receipt from the Dollar General Store that has a unique survey code of dgcustomerfirst.com of respective year on it. 
  • In addition to that, you must be a legal resident (a member of the United States) in order to take the survey. 
  • All participants must be 18 years and above.
  • It is common knowledge that you will naturally require an electronic gadget such as a desktop, laptop, or smartphone with an active internet action in order to take the survey. 
  • All the participants of the Dgcustomerfirst.com survey will need to have basic knowledge of using a gadget, typing, and reading in Spanish or English. It is pertinent to mention here that you can take the survey in either Spanish or English.

What Are The Answers Of The Dollar General Survey?

To begin with, as you might know, a survey is a series of questions and answers. How it works is that a company or an organization asks relevant questions about their services from customers, and the participants of the survey must answer them to the best of their ability. All the questions asked in the survey of Dgcustomerfirst are quite simple and straightforward. Therefore, there is no need to panic when answering these questions. You can expect some of the following questions to be asked in the online survey of dgcustomerfirst.com:

  1. You will be asked about your overall satisfaction with your last visit to a Dollar General Store.
  2. You will be asked regarding the maintenance of the store.
  3. You will also be questioned regarding the service provided by them as well as the friendliness of the staff.
  4. You might also find questions regarding the quality of the products you bought.
  5. Finally, you will be questioned regarding the company’s infrastructure.

Dgcustomerfirst Sweepstakes Winner Program

The odds of actually winning the Sweepstakes Program of Dollar General depends on the number of eligible entries that have been obtained during each entry period. It is also noteworthy that this survey of Dollar General is not for the associates. There are no coupons attached to the Dollar General survey. All you will have access to is the opportunity to win the $100 gift card by the survey.

As is evident, the Dgcustomerfirst survey of Dollar General is a unique opportunity for customers as well as the company to benefit from each other. The customers benefit from the survey by helping the company enhance its services and get an opportunity to win exciting rewards in the future. In the vein, the Dollar General Store benefits by getting honest feedback from the customers using which they can improve their services and work on their weak areas to attract more customers. It is no secret that word of mouth is a powerful tool when it comes to operating a business. Therefore, endeavors like these can go a long way in gardening goodwill for service providers and companies across the world. 

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  1. At Dollar General Store # 04111, I had an extremely bad experience about an hour and half ago. I drive 12 miles (and pass several DG stores) to pick up a friend who does not drive.

    We have been going to this store many years; however, today, I told my friend, I would NOT be shopping in this store again.

    My friend checked and the woman never said a single word to him; even when she handed him his change.

    I purchased 3 2-liter cokes and told her she didn’t have to put them in a sack. When she handed back the one coke, I asked her, “Did you charge me for three?”

    She just nodded her head. My friend and I are both over 70 years old and white. It was very clear she did NOT want to wait on us.

    I do not see a ticket number; AUTH# 263465; time was 9:52 AM; July 8, 2020; ticket amount is $12.73. I don’t have my friend’s ticket; however, I was next, behind him, I remember him asking she $31 and I couldn’t understand the cents. She only nodded her head.


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