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Dollar General is a popular retail company in the United States of America that can be compared to the popularity of Walmart. The company is entirely focussed on reducing the prices of name brand merchandise to offer companies an alternative to all those name brands for significant discounts. According to reports, Dollar General aims to target smaller towns than even Walmart. This means that you can find several Dollar General stores in rural locations as well as in shopping centers that are out of the way. The basic idea is to provide an alternative to customers so that they can buy quality products at discounted rates. 

Dollar General Store Customer Support 

The headquarters of the Dollar General is situated in Tennessee. Therefore, you can easily contact the company by giving them a call, connecting with them on social media, or writing to their corporate office. Although the company does not have any corporate email address, you can still easily connect with them via social media platforms where they are very accessible. Here are some ways to get in touch with them:

  • Address: If you want to write to the headquarters of Dollar General, you can address the letter easily to: 

Dollar General Headquarters 100 Mission Ridge Goodlettsville, TN, 37072

  • Email: It is also possible for you to request several printed materials regarding the company’s money-side. However, you cannot contact the company with this email form for any other purpose. In addition to that, you can also use several social media accounts instead of emails to get in touch with the corporate team of Dollar General. 
  • Website: It is also possible for you to shop on the official website of Dollar General to find out more details about Dollar General corporate and headquarters. The website is quite comprehensive and provides visitors with corporate information on the shareholder/investor side of the business.

  • Phone Number: You can call 1-615-855-4000 in order to contact the headquarters of Dollar General. 

The best part about the customer service of Dgcustomerfirst is that they are super active in responding to the queries or complaints of the customers. This means that irrespective of the platform you choose to get in touch with them, they will get back to you sooner rather than later with a precise response to your queries. If you decide to talk to a member of their management or customer support team, you can rest assured that you will not be connected with a bot. On the contrary, one of the team members will help you out with your questions.

In addition to that, the customer support team of Dgcustomerfirst boasts of 24×7 accessibility. This means irrespective of the time zone you are in, if you have a question or need prompt a prompt support, you can count on them to help you out. Moreover, although the customer satisfaction survey for Dgcustomerfirst is rather straightforward and easy to follow, if you still have doubts, the customer support team of Dollar General is always at your disposal to assist you.

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